Peeking at the neighbors!

This is an urgent call for corporate espionage. That, like a real James Bond, you are appropriating information about a competing company, with the aim of gaining a competitive advantage. Today's smart technologies make corporate espionage accessible to everyone. But how do you become a corporate spy? And how do you get the right information about your competitors?

As a marketer you are continuously driven by curiosity. You know that identifying what customers really want makes the difference. To unravel what customers want, you use customer research. But every time conducting a customer survey turns out to be a time-consuming expedition. This must be possible faster, right? A resounding yes is the answer. Because by using public data sources for customer research, enormous savings can be made in time and quality. Data sources that concern your competitors in particular are an unprecedentedly rich source of information. You can quickly and easily learn to understand what your customers are struggling with. Free and for nothing.

For example, product reviews about your competitors' products are a great source to learn from. This way, with positive reviews, you will find out what users at your competitor actually like and what makes them happy. You can use bad reviews to learn from them yourself. The available reviews are, as it were, free market research. The number of reviews via comparison sites or online web shops is so numerous that this makes you very happy as a marketer.

Whether you are a product manager of electric toothbrushes at Philips, and you read on YouTube and Amazon about the problems that Oral B has with their irreplaceable batteries... Or whether you, as a health insurance marketer, use reviews at Independer about Zilveren Kruis, and notice that people are dissatisfied with their dental insurance... This gives you quick and cheap insight into what customers want. Reviews are therefore a huge source for gathering customer insights. Do you also want to get started? You can find no fewer than thousands of reviews about your competitors on,,,, Consumers',,, etc. Listen to the problems of your potential customers through these reviews so that you can then create a suitable solution. So set up your marketing intelligence service today!

Ruud Olijve

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