A flower is weed with proper marketing

We love flowers. Giving roses, tulips, lilies and other flowers ensures that we make people happy. But when are flowers, flowers and when are weeds? What makes a flower different from flowering weeds? When a flower are seen as a flower then weeds are made into a brand. Herein lies the power of marketing and product management.

We all ultimately want our products to be seen not as weeds but as beautiful flowers. But how do you do that? By communicating mainly with good advertising campaigns? Would it be that simple? Well, no, because of course that doesn't get you there. Otherwise, an advertising campaign for dandelions would make you stop seeing dandelions as weeds. Imagine being able to give a bunch of dandelions as a gift after such a campaign. That you pay €25 for a bunch of dandelions at the florist. Of course, everyone senses in their clogs that an advertising campaign for dandelions is nonsensical and would be a waste of the marketing budget.

The above shows that you don't build a brand with advertising alone. Ultimately, every brand floats on products that add real value. In flower creation, you can see this. Growers have worked for years to breed different flower varieties. Always with great tenacity, they are working to improve their products. For example, the availability, longevity, fragrance, reliability, size and color of the flowers must match what customers perceive as beautiful. Without these characteristics, the flower never gets the designation of flower, but remains a weed. If the grower succeeds in providing the right added value, then flowers can become brand names.

The single most important task that marketing has is to provide real added value for customers. Cooperation from marketing with product developers is therefore indispensable. The basis for success is always to offer an excellent and distinctive product. If you cannot offer a distinctive product, it is better to stop your marketing campaigns. The budgets and man-hours that then become available are better invested in developing products with added value. That way, your organization will remain a much sought-after flower in the future.

Ruud Olijve

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