Balancing is a verb!

Good marketers move back and forth.
Balancing between customer and organization.

Why are we so afraid of change? Whether it's switching health insurance or changing successful products, we prefer to keep everything the same. Sticking with choices that have worked in the past are often a safer and easier decision. We prefer not to upset the balance. But balance as a noun is a pipe dream. Nature knows better than anyone that balance is always being disrupted and is always working to restore balance. Just look at the weather. Where the high pressure area comes to the rescue of its little brother low pressure area everywhere. Balance as a noun simply does not exist, it is always a verb: to balance. 

That it is a verb is also evident from the original word which is derived from the French balancer meaning “to move back and forth. It is striking that in our language we often identify balancing with drama. Apparently we often balance between extremes in our lives. When we balance it is between hope and fear, death or life, on the edge of the abyss to give just a few examples. This feeds the fear of balancing, we associate it with anxious moments.

Change can be scary for many people, which is perhaps why many prefer that things just stay the way they are. But know that balance will always be upset and that you must work to restore balance. Every single day.  Whether it's your competitors, a new manager, or changing economic conditions; imbalance always arises. Embrace change because it also offers new opportunities for you and your organization.

Ruud Olijve

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