Clodding within marketing

'Good marketing can sell once,
but only a good product which is available in the right place can sell twice.
In the long run your performance reverts to the value you provide.'

James Clear

Saturday morning and the sun is already showing well. The youngest are already ready on the soccer field. The referee throws the ball into the field with which the game begins. All the little soccer players throw themselves at the ball with full conviction. They copy what everyone else is doing, that's just how it works. Man is a herd animal. Soccer kids think they have to be where the ball is, with the result that they all flock to the ball.

Within marketing organizations, it works exactly the same way. Full of enthusiasm, they often focus on what is hip and new. It leads to clodding soccer where everyone gets in each other's way. Especially with that which is popular, everyone clumps around the ball. Clump soccer leads to internal turmoil and provides little added value for the customer. After all, the customer only wants a good solution to his problem. 

Within marketing, digital marketing and content marketing is hip right now. This is where the ball is, all the players are clumping around it. But there comes a time when you realize that a different tactic is necessary. That it's wiser to exchange the clump soccer for a better positional game, one where the fielding is in order. With good positional play you can make full use of the space offered on the field of play. Continuing to train on positional play ensures that you develop game insight. Insight improves a soccer player's ability to assess which soccer action is best to perform in each situation in order to find the space on the field that will create the best chances. 

The time-honored 4-P's (product, promotion, price and place) help create the right field position. Unfortunately, price and promotion have been getting all the attention for years while distribution and having an excellent product are increasingly underemphasized. In short, positions are unbalanced. How do the players now know where to run and what their task is? Only with good positional play can they quickly pass the ball to each other, if possible by touching the ball once, to then find the free player and thereby create chances.  

Ruud Olijve

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