Do something different (from your competitors)

Point of sale proposition (POSP) involves promotional materials and distribution channels that support the sale of your products. Giving an extra push to the customer to make a purchase. Always with the goal of increasing the attention of a product. But you can also use it in new surprising places. A sales spot that increases your reach and gets extra traffic to your (online) store or account manager. 

When you succeed in being one step ahead of your competitors, the world lies open for your product. To realize this you will have to keep looking for new places to promote your product. Why always new places with or without new distribution channels? Simple, the world changes quickly and you will have to adapt. Staying in the same sales place for too long will lead to the dog in the pot.

Just look at the dutch health insurance market. For example, health insurance was first available through employer collectives. When saturation occurred among employers, member associations became the main outlet for switching, as with the Automobile Assocation, Consumer Federation of America and many others. At the moment when the recruitment of new members there dried up, comparison sites took their place to entice customers. Again and again, health insurers invent new ways to acquire customers.

Is this form of innovative distribution reserved only for large organizations with their large marketing budgets? Well no, for everyone the possibilities are truly limitless. There are many low-cost distribution options available but this requires creativity. In every market it is possible to draw more attention to your product. For inspiration, a few examples are listed below:

  • store-in-store concepts
  • pop-up store
  • member-get-meber
  • comparison sites
  • affinities (consumer federations, local sports clubs and other membership organizations)
  • marketplaces (, amazon, etc.)
  • own sales (direct, traders, intermediaries)
  • co-creation (Senseo; Douwe Egberts & Philips)
  • Online (joint web shops, webinars)
  • Knowledge transfer (training courses, writing a book)

These examples can provide interesting customer acquisition but make sure that your overall proposition is a good fit for the people who show up there.

Ruud Olijve

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