How can you become more creative?

Philosophy indicates,
Science explains,
But art shows, and that which it cannot say.

- Willem Brakman

How creative are you? How creative are they at your work? What about your friends? Ask. You may be surprised by the answers. Through my experience, I have learned that while children consider themselves creative, adults have lost this feeling. And that's a shame, because with creativity you create the future. Our society is changing faster than ever and requires adequate solutions. It is therefore vital for organizations to keep people who can think creatively on board. And that is where the problem often lies. In business, we cry out for innovative ideas but in the end it is the pluriformity and uniformity that prevails.

We can really stoke the creative fire further. But is that really necessary? Because right now creativity seems like a hype. Everywhere you hear people talking about it (unfortunately more spoken than done). You hear it everywhere. In meetings, in the schoolyard, really everywhere. When I hear people talking about creativity, my curiosity is piqued. I love people who dare to walk off the beaten path. Looking for new stories and adventures. Creativity is the process of developing original and valuable ideas. Resulting in a beautiful creative vision. But it should not stop there. It is ultimately about turning these ideas into something tangible.

The meaning of the word creativity is borrowed from Latin. Of course, that borrowing in itself is hardly original or creative. Creativity is derived from the verb creāre and had the meaning “to create or bring forth. The words creative and creation are thus strongly intertwined. Creative is always a creative activity. As such, it goes beyond a creative balloon release. Only when a tangible creation is brought forth can one speak of creativity. And when that is accomplished you experience that creativity is so magical and inspiring. Fortunately, this feeling is available to everyone; after all, you were creative as a child. It does require you to dare to look outside your own field and comfort zone. That you try something new, want to learn something new because that's what creativity is all about. So to you the question. When was the last time you were creative?

Ruud Olijve

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