How do you handle sandcastles?

A beautiful summer day, a perfect day for the beach. The youngest children play safely in the waterline, busy with shovels and buckets. Today is one of those days when the most beautiful sandcastles are created. With the greatest effort and in full concentration they pull out all the stops. What a lot of work is being done. But as time passes, the inevitable tide comes in. Little by little, the waves attack the sand castle. The castle that has been worked on for hours is expertly demolished by the waves.  

I watch this scene with interest. Suddenly it strikes me; children reacting totally differently to this calamity. One child cries bitterly about what the waves are doing to her sand castle. She eventually walks away from the scene with her mother as tears continue to trickle down her cheeks. Another child imperturbably starts building a new sandcastle a few meters away. The rising waves are a given for this child. This child does not let a few waves spoil her beach fun. 

Both children show completely different reactions to adversity. How would you react when faced with adversity or rejection? Do you get angry, sad or just start over further down the road? You always have a choice, choose consciously!

Ruud Olijve

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