Less process, more content please

A director at a health insurance company once told me the best way to make the board cheerful: give them the feeling that everything is under control and, above all, don't saddle them with a problem. If you do that, they quickly think, 'there he is again with his problems, who actually invited him?'

Decision-makers therefore unwittingly surround themselves with conformist yes-men, completely obscuring their view of the outside world. Hypothetical vistas then become an important part of the discourse within boardrooms. It no longer has anything to do with hard reality; false security provides everyone with satisfaction.

That this is false security is shown by the fact that after a while people experience a lack of growth, distinctiveness and customer satisfaction. Entrepreneurial leadership has crept out of the organization en masse. Collectively, we have forgotten that "The real success is in the details. Continually wanting to know where opportunities lie, where possibilities are fully exploited, that is a learning and entrepreneurial organization. Want to return the entrepreneurial spirit to an organization? Therefore, find a new balance in the task view professionals, with more appreciation for substantive knowledge in the field of marketing and product development and where there is more feeling with "the field."

Stop the endless discussions about audiences, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, this is indicative of an inward-looking organization. Start talking today about what problems your product solves for the customer. Change from an inward-looking organization to a learning organization.

Ruud Olijve

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