No unique product. No unique message. No problem!

Do you ever wander around on social media? The sheer number of sponsored posts from all kinds of coaches is striking. The message from them is essentially the same? They all promise golden mountains of success and new client acquisition. Your product? Simply turn it into a product and the money will flow to you. It is just a selection from their repertoire with which you bring the solution closer with a few simple actions. Become sleepy rich, don't we all want that?  If only it were that simple. In organizations where I have had the pleasure of helping to achieve robust growth, it was hard work for success. After all, success is not for “cowards. 

The common thread in growth always consists of a few recognizable components. It starts with the ambition that must be present within an organization. For growth, fertile ground must first be present. After that, you will have to cultivate the soil. The saying goes for a reason: you must first sow in order to reap. Fertile marketing ground exists that a good product-market fit is present. Thus, you need to know who your customers are, what their problems and needs are. But just as important know where they are, because only then can you reach them. After these steps, you can create a distinctive offer for these customers. An offer that is at least slightly different than usual in the market. And you package all this with a good story. You create a clear and inspiring narrative. One that your customers believe in but also that your employees are enraptured by. 

What first step will you take today to increase your brand's appeal? Success always starts with a good story. I get people, teams and organizations to 'look, think, organize and grow differently' until a unifying and guiding story emerges. A genuine story that makes all people love your brand. And by people we don't just mean customers, but everyone. So employees, suppliers and other stakeholders should also feel connected. A good brand story improves collaboration with everyone. It gets everyone on the same page.


Ruud Olijve

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