Success loves silence!


“Work hard in silence,
let your success be your noise.”

Work hard in silence and resounding success will follow. Don't talk about your plans and tactics with others. A field general does not let the enemy know his plans on the battlefield either. Maneuver yourself into the right position and surprise your opponents; they may only learn your plans the moment you are ready for battle.

Keep working hard behind the scenes on your plans and ideals. Your success will surely speak in your favor. Working on your talents in silence will ensure that you transform your talents into skill!

When it's better to be quiet: 

  1. Be silent when you can't talk without shouting
  2. Be silent when in the heat of the moment
  3. Be silent when your words may offend someone
  4. Be silent when your words can destroy a friendship
  5. Be silent if it can save your (savings) money
  6. Be silent if you don't know the whole story
  7. Be silent if speaking only serves to boost your ego or seek confirmation
  8. Be silent if your words can betray someone's trust
  9. Be silent if you have no knowledge about a subject
  10. Be silent when someone is sharing their personal struggles or vulnerabilities

Sincere listening to others is stronger than the omnipresent noise pollution that everyone feels they have to pour over us. 

Ruud Olijve

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