The secret of collaboration

Successful team performance is not achieved by haphazardly putting people together. A high-performing team consists of people who really trust each other. In such a safe environment, they dare to map out the path to success together. This creates shared values and the road to success lies open. Everyone is now willing to take that one extra step to give the team wings. 

A persistent misconception is that good team performance is blocked by poor knowledge. Training is then used to develop the missing skills within the team. Everyone knows afterwards the uncomfortable feeling that these trainings have been a waste of time. But what does get in the way of good team performance? Building, developing and maintaining effective teams fails because of inadequate cooperation which in turn has its origins in mutually differing expectations. These divergent expectations create sand in the wheels that prevent a team from realizing its full potential.

To playfully ask the right questions to properly align each other's expectations, the Team Canvas was developed. This Canvas is designed for leaders and facilitators to align groups and build a strong team culture, bottom-up. Download the Team Canvas here to create better collaboration within your team. Our Sailboat Canvas is also a surprising tool that can enrich your heath day or meeting in a unique way. 

Ruud Olijve

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