You really can do it yourself!

Intuition is
solidified experience and
acquired knowledge!

And then things don't turn out as expected. You keep running up against your limits. Things have to be different but you just can't seem to turn the tide. Whether it's about your career, family, friends or health, you want everything to run smoothly. How should you proceed? Plod on or .....

When we search for answers in our lives we often instinctively turn to others. Problems or dilemmas that cross our path then require advice from people we trust. They help us navigate. With their advice, we want to receive a quick turnkey solution so we can set the right course.

But others rarely provide the solution. In the end, it turns out that our own experience, talent and mind provide that direction. The solution is already within you! Everyone, really everyone has their own wisdom, you just have to connect with it and bring it to the surface. Gradually you will understand that you are part of a greater whole and therefore cannot control and determine everything. After all, you are only a fallible human being.

Guidance and coaching can be helpful but you really are your own best teacher. Observe, listen and change what is needed but most of all do it yourself and from within yourself. Stay curious; never be too big to ask questions and never think you know too much to learn something new.

Tip: The tools below will help you get started with this:

  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Bateson logic levels
  • Team Canvas

Ruud Olijve

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