Your line of sight determines where you go!

You look around you.
In the distance is your destination.
Where? You determine that.
While you are on the road, you can change the route towards it.
A little to the right, a little to the left.

Geese don't do this. 
They don't choose a destination.
Geese have no will, only their instinct drives them.
Every season they fly from north to south and visa versa.

Pilots do. 
They choose their destination carefully.
Always adjust the course to get to the right destination. 
Otherwise, the wind pushes the plane off course.

You are always moving in the direction you are looking. 
You have the choice to change your direction of view.  
Know that if you don't go after it, you will never achieve that which you are looking for.
If you don't ask for anything, the answer is always NO.
If you don't take the first step forward, you will always stay in the same place.
Are you of your life the pilot or the goose?

Ruud Olijve

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