Opening doors at customers' premises

It is a drizzly Monday morning. With firm steps, I run up the stairs to the platform. An overcrowded platform waits apathetically for what is to come. Soon the crowd on the platform starts moving nervously. The headlights approaching in the distance are the enablers of this commotion. Screeching and squealing, the bulging train comes to a stop against its will. The doors swing open with loud hissing. It is suddenly a bustle of activity. The people getting off and on push each other aside like ruffians. Farther on, I see that the doors of the rear carriages are lone open. I sprint to the rear car. Because of this effort, the train provides me with unimpeded access. Shortly after I take my seat, a screeching whistle sounds over the empty platform as a starting signal. The train begins to roll to head for our shared destination.

As busy as the rush hour train is, so is your customer base. Your competitors have a strong online presence. They are all crammed in at your customers' online front doors. A veritable online rush hour has been created. Standing out in this crowd is almost impossible. Only the strongest manage to worm their way into customers' homes. Also called one-to-many marketing, this form of marketing requires sufficient budget and available specialists. As a rule, this mass-oriented approach is suitable only for parties with deep pockets.

If you do not have access to sufficient budget then another form of marketing may be necessary. Personalized marketing, also called one-to-one marketing, is action-oriented and therefore the best alternative. With this approach, it is not about collecting as many “likes” or posting “sponsored” messages as possible but communicating a rock-solid personal one-to-one message to your customer. This also makes it an important part of a Sales Sprint. What is a Sales Sprint?

A Sales Sprint cleverly connects marketing and sales, creating a seamless collaboration between these two specialties. To make sales activities visible in a short period of time and proceed to targeted actions, the Scrum method is used. The sprint is the heart of the scrum method. A sales sprint delivers a usable and potentially launchable part of the sales process within 6 weeks. A Sales Sprint makes it possible to redesign the sales process in a short period of time. This allows you to gain insight into opportunities, pain points and obstacles so that you can quickly solve the challenges for your sales and marketing organization. During the 6-week ‘Sales Sprint’ you will learn all about:

  1. Focus: one sprint, one niche. Na een grondige analyse bepaal je een specifieke doelgroep met een bijbehorend aanbod. Differentiëren is het toverwoord om succesvol te zijn.
  2. Prototyping: make something, go outside. Je ontwikkelt nieuw actie-marketingmateriaal en voert gerichte acties uit waarmee je snel tastbare resultaten haalt.
  3. Speed: not perfection. Direct starten, geen lange doorlooptijden. Binnen 6 weken heb je de eerste nieuwe klanten verwelkomd.

PS: download for free the Sales Sprint Canvas

Ruud Olijve

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