Are people really going to be surprised by this?

"No risk, no story. 
No guts, no glory."

This is the only real question that should matter within marketing. The only criterion that matters. That you really know how to surprise customers, do something new or funny. No more obligatory marketing tricks neatly copied from your competitors. 

Get rid of the safe propositions and target group thinking. Target groups, and personas are often conjured up in meetings. meaningless but it gives such a familiar feeling, right? It creates a so-called makeable world. Stop it, put them out of your mind! They don't add anything.

Just look at two men who both live in a castle, bivouac in the highest social class, have children and grandchildren and are about the same age; their names? King Charles III and Ozzy Osbourne. You can apply the same persona description to them but their interests and needs are really miles apart. Or look at Greenpeace and the WWF. Both organizations are committed to the environment. Where Greenpeace is more activist the WWF sweetly focuses on families. So you see that even environmental clubs do not allow themselves to be placed in the same target group box. 

Get rid of the safe propositions and target group thinking. Target groups, stop it, put them out of your mind! Dare to really color outside the lines. No more concept development, briefings, no more reviews or Net Promoter Score. Create fun moments with your customers, send a card or something solid. And yes, make sure your product actually contributes something to your customers' lives. Then they will naturally start talking and writing about you. 

PS: our Jobs to be Done (JTBD) canvas can help you.

Ruud Olijve

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