How do you acquire new customers?

To grow, you need customers. This seems like a simple task but in practice is often more difficult than thought. You've pulled out all the stops lately without great success. New impetus is more than welcome in such a situation. Just to get some inspiration, to find your motivation again. Because as an entrepreneur or sales professional you obviously want to achieve your sales forecast. You need a different way of working. It is time for action.

A Sales Sprint is the concept for testing a new market and even making a first sale within six weeks. A Sales Sprint makes it possible to redesign the sales process in a short period of time. In this way you gain insight into opportunities, pain points and obstacles, so that you can quickly solve the challenges for your sales and marketing organization. During a six-week “Sales Sprint,” you'll learn all about:

Focus: one sprint, one niche. After a thorough analysis you determine a specific target group with a corresponding offer;
Prototyping: make something, go outside. You develop concrete sales elements with which you quickly achieve tangible results;
Speed: not perfection. Within six weeks you will have welcomed your first new customer!
Would you like to get more out of yourself or your team? Are you interested in sparring about the improvement potential of your commercial organization? Or are you curious whether the “Sales Sprint” can help you realize robust growth? Then please contact me.

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Ruud Olijve

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