Together on the customer journey

The very best time of the year has arrived. Enjoying a well-deserved vacation. You are really looking forward to it. The preparation, the trip, the destination, everything has been arranged down to the last detail. This promises to be an unforgettable trip with memories captured in beautiful photographs. Surely you want your clients to have the same experience when they do business with you? But how do you do that? First, you have to give your clients the same attention. Your clients deserve the same preparation that you give to your vacation. A handy tool to help you do that is the Customer Journey Canvas. By filling in the canvas, you'll have an idea of what's lacking in no time. 

The purpose of the Customer Journey Canvas is that you map their specific customer journey for a certain target group. It is the sum of all contacts a customer has with your organization. If these contacts and experiences sufficiently match the expectations of existing and new customers, then you will be successful. With the canvas you map out the different phases a customer goes through. The canvas allows you to take stock of what, for example, a visit to your store looks like or how customers experience a particular service.

The great advantage of the Customer Journey Canvas is that you get a good picture of how customers experience your organization, and which contacts take place. This will undoubtedly reveal steps that could use some attention. In this way you can improve your customers' experiences, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more sales. It is also possible to use the Customer Journey Canvas for other target groups than customers, such as employees or patients. The principle of such an employee journey or patient journey is basically the same.

Ruud Olijve

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